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the taxi


Edith is a retired London Taxi Cab, who is named after Jessie’s Granny. In her retirement, Edith likes to put smiles on peoples faces and take photos of people having lots of fun!

Jessie Hope profile pic
Jessie Hope profile pic

the smiley one


Jessie loves people and fun events (especially weddings), and you can’t get much more fun than running a Taxi Photo Booth! Jessie is also a Pilates and Mindfulness teacher, and the co-founder of the Feel Good Festival. 

the tech geek


Mike loves all things tech and has been a photography enthusiast since 1997. He’s recently acquired a new found love for classic vehicles, and has been busy lovingly restoring Edith and making her into the coolest Photo Booth in Cumbria!

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The star attraction


When we acquired her (Not yet called Edith!), she had seen better days. There was mould and rust in many places, leaks everywhere, and the taxi sign on the roof looked like a creation of Dr Frankenstein. Much work was required to make her suitable for public appearances and to turn her into the beautiful vehicle she is today.

She’d already been converted into a Photo Booth, but in serious need of upgrading and modernising. Edith now comes complete with a Canon 18 Megapixel DSLR, fantastic lighting options, and 2 X dye sublimation printers. We also have backup devices should something develop a fault.

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